"Opus 214 & 453" - Jean Catoire

Opus 214 & 453 | Extasia | Messe Basse

We are pleased to announce the release of a new audio CD offering two works by Jean CATOIRE:

OPus 214 & 453 de Jean Catoire

String Sextet III, Opus 214 (1971), version for 18 instruments
(also Symphony XXXVI, Opus 230 String Orchestra)

Listen to an excerpt

Sonata for Cello and String Orchestra III, Opus 453 (1976)
(also Sonata for Horn and String Orchestra III, Opus 461)

Listen to an excerpt

Macedonian Radio Orchestra
Cello, Nikolaus Trieb
Conductor, Christine Turellier

You can receive this CD through a donation to the Association "Le Phénomène Sonore". Learn more on this page.